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The WATER STORY ME informs you about key water challenges and solutions in the Middle East. Enjoy constructive water-related journalism, know what’s happening with your precious water and learn how you can contribute to sustainable water management.

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ملفات على مكتب الرزاز: المياه تحديات ‘‘ضخمة‘‘

 تنتقل حقيبة "المياه" المثقلة بالتحديات من حكومة لأخرى، وسط طرح تساؤلات قديمة متجددة على حكومة رئيس الوزراء المكلف…

Tools for meaningful water stories

The way how a story about water related topics is told has a big influence on its impact. Find tools and answers to questions about water related print, online and broadcast journalism.

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