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Water Scarcity In Jordan And The 1987 Syria-Jordan Agreement

Water scarcity in Jordan and the 1987 Syria-Jordan agreement

An interview with Jordanian water expert Dr Dureid Mahasneh who talks about the current water crisis in his country and how the 1987 Yarmouk water agreement between Syria and Jordan (which according to him is not equitable) should be revisited. – Interview in Arabic

أزمة شح المياه في الأردن: ما هو الدور السوري؟

يرى خبير المياه الأردني دريد محاسنة أن هناك استنزافاً سورياً للمياه على حساب الحصة الأردنية، وأن اتفاقية 1987

مجحفة بحق بلاده.

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